Cut-to-lenght line production

The Rizzato lines By SR Facilities for cutting sheets have excellent quality and prestige, with solid and robust machinery, can ensure a finished product of excellent quality.

They also have a very flexible customization range starting from the charging cradles to reels cantilevered, cones, stepped jaw, robust introduction assemblies, straightening, start-stop shears, rotating, flying, rototranslating and of the entire stacking system with rollers or catenary of complete discharge of load cells to carry out the weighings of the sheets.

The size of the workable coils are:

width up to 2500mm,
thickness: up to 20mm,
Flow reels up to 40 tons.

Cutting lines in sheets for different materials:

  • hot or cold rolled steel
  • aluminum
  • galvanized steel, pre-coated
  • copper
  • high-strength steel
  • zinc
  • stainless steel
  • alloys

The lines have different configurations in accordance with the type of material to be machined and services that are required.